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Amiko AquaWalk provides one-on-one hydrotherapy service session, which includes Underwater Treadmill and Hydrotherapy Pool, allows us to create a customized program based on each animal’s situation and condition.

On the first visit, our Certified Hydrotherapist will conduct a physical assessment for your doggy, and owner will be consulted about their dog's details and habits, so as to have a overall understanding on areas that needed to be following up closely.

Hydrotherapy is not exactly same as swimming. Hydrotherapy requires dogs to perform specific exercises in the water. Amiko AquaWalk's Hydrotherapist will guide your dog into the water slowly, move and exercise in a proper way with constant warm water at 30°C to allow muscle to relax and smooth pain.

Each hydrotherapy service session is continuously monitored by our team and is adjusted according to the animals’ pace and abilities, ensuring that the treatment is stress free and productive. We will provide you with a debriefing and aftercare advice.

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