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Booking policy

The paying for a booking to confirm the reserved date and time indicates that you have read and accepted our booking policy.


Booking Arrangement  預約安排

  • All bookings must be completed within the period of validity. The valid date starts from the date of the first booking confirmed. Single booking is valid for 30 days, and the package service is valid depending on the package's validity period.


  • Each confirmed booking is subject to maximum two times of re-booking and is valid for use within the period of validity.

  • 每個已確認的預約最多可以更改日期兩次,並需在有效期內使用。


Amendment / Cancellation  變更預約

  • Due to limited seating, all cancellations or re-bookings will only be entertained if made 3 days before the scheduled booking. This gives us the opportunity to fill the space to serve other doggy who needs treatment.


  • A late-cancellation fee of HKD300 will be charged for cancellations/amendments made within 3 days but 24 hours prior to the scheduled booking.


  • The entire amount of the service fee will be forfeited if the cancellation/amendment was made within same day of the scheduled booking.


  • Late arrival for a scheduled booking by over 10 minutes is considered same-day cancellation. No service will be provided and the service fee will be forfeited.


  • We should be notified as soon as possible for last minute cancellation or amendment requests due to medical issues, either doggy or owner. Rebooking is only available with submission of proof of Veterinary or Doctor visit.


Weather Condition  天氣安排

  • Amiko Centre will be opened as usual under Typhoon signal No. 1, No. 3 and under Amber Rainstorm.


  • Normal operation will be resumed within 3 hours if Signal No.8 or above, “Extreme Condition” announcement, or Red and Black Rainstorm Signal was lowered.


  • Amiko Centre will be closed all day, while Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above is hosted, “Extreme Condition” announcement, and Red and Black Rainstorm Signal which is still in force by 3PM.


  • If Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 will be issued within two hours as announced by the Hong Kong Observatory during opening hours, Amiko Centre will close an hour after the announcement.


  • If Red and Black Rainstorm signal is hoisted during a booking service, Amiko Centre will remain open and space is available as shelter.


  • In case where we deem necessary to cancel a booking, you will be contacted by WhatsApp for rescheduling of booking.

中心就惡劣天氣影響下如因任何其他原因及考慮,或需要改動已確認的預約,中心將會 以WhatsApp 通知並安排更改日期。

Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances or other requirements, we may need to make changes to confirmed bookings. We reserve the right to alter or cancel confirmed bookings and we will communicate with you as soon as possible should such circumstances arise. In the case of such cancellations, all booking reschedules or amendments are subject to Amiko AquaWalk’s booking availability. Amiko AquaWalk reserves the right to amend all booking arrangement.

中心保留因技術、營運、不可預見之情況、有特別需要安排、或其他原因而需要就已確認的預約進行改動或取消服務之權利。如遇上以上情況,中心會儘快與受影響之客人溝通,並按中心的預訂情況儘早安排所能提供之服務,為客人重新預約。Amiko AquaWalk 保留修改所有預訂安排的權利。

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