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about us

Amiko AquaWalk provides professional hydrotherapy (aqua-therapy) exercise and rehabilitation services for our furry friends. Our aim is to improve their physical wellness and enhance their quality of life through our tailored-made hydrotherapy treatments.

Our Team

We are like-minded people, passionate about animal care and dedicated to providing the highest quality of service for the animals.

Our hydrotherapy team undergoes continuous training program. To further enhance our services, we hold regular conversations with veterinarians and animal health professionals to facilitate continued learning.

Our Story

Our journey began with Charcoal, a rescued mixed-breed dog who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia (underdevelopment of the Ball & Socket joint) when he was 1 year old. Charcoal's owner, as well as one of our partners, was introduced to canine hydrotherapy, a nonsurgical approach to reduce progression of the disease and extend his quality of life for the years to come.

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