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水療是指在安全受控的水中環境, 讓動物可以安全地進行所需的復康運動。過程中利用恆溫暖水, 讓動物的肌肉得以放鬆, 而進行運動的同時, 水的自然浮力可減低動物的身體承重量, 及舒緩關節壓力, 從而有助動物伸展及活動, 而水中阻力亦有助於鍛鍊肌肉。






溫柔: 光療溫和,舒緩,甚至可以用於疼痛部位。它常常帶來立即的緩解。


自然: 我們每天都被光線所包圍。光療使用最有效的自然光將其正確組合,以激發身體的先天治癒能力。


無副作用: 與藥物不同,光療不會引起其他副作用。


不影響藥物效果: 即使患者正在服用藥品,仍可安全使用光療。沒有與藥物相互作用產生不利影響的風險。




靈活: 幾乎可以對任何身體部位或物種進行光療。



Benefits of Photozio Vetcare 

Photizo Vetcare is a convenient, versatile pocket-sized treatment tool used and recommended by vets and other animal health practitioners which will help with the following:

  • To maintain and speed up the healing process between professional treatment sessions  throughout rehabilitation

  • To be used long term to provide natural pain relief for your animal if they are suffering with a long term degenerative chronic condition

  • For proactive use such as helping with muscle recovery on performance and active working animals.  The effects can help to complement manual therapies like equine/canine massage

Photozio Vetcare is perfect for treating the following:

  • Skin conditions: wounds, lacerations, abscesses, saddle sores, skin allergies, eczema, etc.

  • Musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis, tendonitis, overuse injuries and muscle spasms

  • Post-op: any area treated surgically, including skin grafts

  • Corneal ulcers, viral-related conditions and sinusitis.

How does it works?

  • Photizo Vetcare’s LED light therapy harnesses the healing power of red and infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies for accelerated healing by activating the pain and relaxing ‘medication’ of the animal’s own body.

  • LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are non-invasive, painless, produce a gentle and soothing warmth and do not require recovery time.

  • Photizo Vetcare allows increased blood flow into the area being treated to ensure that any waste is quickly removed from the area.

How to use Photozio Vetcare?

Simply place the Photizo Vetcare’s head (containing the LEDs) on the area of the animal to be treated, press the ON button and wait until the timed treatment ends, then move it to the next area requiring treatment. Repeat until you have finished treating all the desired areas.

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